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This week, the Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to a researcher who was at a point largely ostracized from the scientific community for his claim that atoms could organize themselves in a theretofore unknown pattern.  It is worth thinking about how he went from bucking the scientific consensus to winning a Nobel.  (

Just to provide some links for the articles and ideas that have emerged in classroom discussions lately.

Here is the link to the article I mentioned briefly today on the emergence of a new Ozone hole in the Arctic:

Also, the New Scientist reports a number of draft papers attempting to explain how neutrinos might have broken the cosmic speed barrier in the experiment in Switzerland-Italy that was reported last week.  You can take a quick look at some of the results they propose here:

(Note that many of the physics papers are actually fairly readable using the principles for reading papers that we talked about in class — to find the relevant ones, search for “OPERA” at







Political Candidates on Climate Change

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Today’s New York Times editorial discusses Republican presidential candidates’ views on climate change.  See the article here:

Political Candidates on Evolution

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Just as we are about to begin our class exploring how scientific issues enter the public sphere and become policy, many of the Republican presidential candidates are weighing in on Evolution. The Huffington Post reviews GOP positions on Evolution and the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools:

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